Design and fabric of different flag types
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Design and fabric of different flag types

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Excellent flag making design can leave a good image in the minds of customers, and can be applied to different media, which can effectively deliver simple and direct messages. The types of flags include outdoor flags and indoor table flags with various functions, such as company flags, vertical flags, hanging flags, etc.

The outdoor flag is mainly made of polyester fabric, and the special-purpose flag is made of Oxford cloth, imitation wool and other fabrics; The production method adopts discharge dyeing, silk screen printing, patching embroidery and other processes; The flag raising part generally adopts the flag pole sleeve process, rope sleeve process, ring buckle process, or customized as required.

In most cases, the company's flag is made of nylon waterproof fabric and printed by offset printing process. When the quality requirements are high, special fabrics and watermark technology can be used. Under special circumstances, the embroidery process can also be used to make flags.

Table flags are generally stiff and do not worry about wind and rain. They are made with a high degree of sophistication, so most of them use watermark technology. In addition, table flags printed on paper have been widely used because of their low cost.

Most hanging flags are printed on paper, and some are printed on cloth. There are several ways to hang the flag: when the roof is low, it can be hung directly on the top surface; There are transverse lintels (door lintel, exhibition frame lintel, etc.) which can also be hung; If there is no attachment, the method of pulling rope can be used for horizontal string hanging.

The above are some of our common flag making designs. Ningbo Jiangdong Qianhong Crafts Co., Ltd. specializes in producing a variety of flag, banner and other series of printing products. Welcome customers to consult or order.

  • Company name: Jinteng flag Co.,ltd.

  • Company type: Manufacturer

  • Location: China,Zhejiang

  • The scale of company: 100 - 499 People

  • Registered capital: 5000000.00ten thousandDollar

  • Year of Registered: 1989

  • Business scope:   Indoor flags/Outdoor flags/Desktop flags/Handy flags Car/window flags/Animal flags/Ad flags/Chain flags/Gift flags, etc.

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